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We are two UW-Madison students offering an invaluable service specifically tailored to your
Watch your business thrive by giving us an opportunity to showcase our skills. That's Parallel Success baby!

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We charge a small weekly fee on top the budget you create.

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We are confident our services will be beneficial. That's why commitment won't be an issue.


Pick and choose the services you want and the freedom you give us. Communication is critical for this tailored experience.



You will not find two individuals more passionate than ourselves. We are driven by the same values and will go above and beyond to achieve our goals. We believe it is crucial to create long lasting connections with business owners like you. Therefore, communication and results will be our top priority. Corporate marketing companies will only throw your business into their system. At Parallel Success, we don’t put you into a system or template, we specifically tailor a service that works for your business. We know we have the skills to benefit your business and we take the time to learn your specific industry. We are growth seekers. Our ambition, combined with our driven mentality, makes it impossible for our services to cost more than they produce.

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